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A Good Coupon Day

September 10th, 2010 at 04:19 pm

Coupons are not just for household items and food. Yesterday we went to the zoo. My friend had sent me a coupon book that included a zoo coupon for $3 off adult tickets and $2 off children. The coupon was good for up to three admissions. We saved a total of $8. Plus we picked up another zoo coupon on the trip that expires next summer.

Now my coupon saving money jar does not look so barren. My coupon jar now has $10.25 that I have saved using coupons.

Every little bit helps

May 6th, 2009 at 04:17 pm

Today I cashed a check for a whopping $7.76. It was a refund from an overpayment to one of our paid off credit cards. Instead of depositing it into the checking account, I decided to cash it to have a little money on hand. While I was cashing it, the teller said, 'every little bit helps.'

$7.76 can buy me a meal or several drinks. It's just nice to have a few dollars in your pocket. I stay at home so I don't need a lot of cash but it is handy to have a few dollars for a drink or for the train ride at Wal-Mart(when I have the three year old with me).

In the spirit of every little bit helps, I do plan on joining the $20 Challenge. I also plan to start making small, weekly payments to our lowest credit card debt. Even if it's only $10, it will add up over time. I just have to keep in mind that even the smallest amount of money can make a difference when it comes to paying off debt or saving money.