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Job Opportunity

May 13th, 2009 at 02:34 pm

So my husband's company was sold and he was hired by the new company. They take over in a few weeks. But one of his co-workers who wasn't hired by the new company has found a new job that wants him to put together a team for a 3 year project. He asked my husband if he was interested since the pay could be substantially more. The downside is that my husband would have to travel - something he isn't crazy about doing.

I told my husband that I would support him if he wants to pursue this new job. We have moved several times through the years for my job, so now it's my turn to support him.

Since the money is so much more than we are living on now, we could be debt free within a year if we just take all that money and apply it to our debt. That is our plan. However, I'm a little nervous since two years ago I would have thought that if we made as much as we do now then we could be debt free fast. It just seems with each pay raise that our expenses somehow go up and we don't send as much to bills as we think we can.

All of this news makes me glad I started this blog. Here I can keep myself accountable to the Saving Advice community and send that money to pay off our debt instead of spending it somehow.

This is still all up in the air. I kind of hope he gets it since I've been itching for some sort of change to happen in our lives.