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Emergency Fund

August 25th, 2010 at 04:30 am

It seems our emergency fund never gets to be a nice, padded amount. There is always an emergency that comes up - which makes me think we should be added more categories to our monthly budget.

This week we will have to replace a tire on my husband's Jeep. It has been a money pit since we bought it. It does get us around but it has just had one issue after another. The Jeep is used so you expect some problems but still it is really getting aggravating. The lesson also to learn from this is to never spend money when you feel rushed. We needed a new vehicle really bad and jumped on the first one we found. Never again. I hate that I keep having to pay stupid taxes as Dave Ramsay would call it.

We'll survive but it just seems like we are barely treading water lately. My job at the beginning of the year just wasn't for me. I had to quit or lose my sanity. Now I'm thinking being sane is overrated and should have stayed with the job. Hopefully we can get back in the driver's seat in September. Between my husband's raise and dropping a few bills, we should see a nice increase in our budget. Maybe then we can stop dipping into the emergency fund so much.

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